• Yadi Dragtsma

Q&A with the new Board

The new Plone Foundation Board had a meeting on day 3 to answer questions. What are the most important things to do in the near future?

Q&A With the Plone Board

Some of the topics:

  • One of the important things at hand will be marketing. There should be more news and announcements on Plone.org. Sometimes events happen and almost nobody knows about it. Also, we hear stories about countries where important companies started to use Plone. That is news and should be on the site.
  • Another thing: working on a guideline about how to behave at Plone events. There are examples about sexual remarks at events. And although it was not a Plone-event, this board wants to make a statement; incorrect behaviour within the community will not be tolerated. Especially since we want more woman to get involved.
  • This board wants more transparancy, more communication and interaction with the community.
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