• Roel Bruggink

Removing a persistent local utility

Removing a utility without getting attribute errors.

What is the problem?

Trying to remove a local persistent utility using unregisterUtility results in errors like "AttributeError: type object 'IFavoriteStorage' has no attribute 'iro' ". And above all: no one seems to know how to fix it "properly". Comments are more than welcome!


There are two parts to the solution: there is the definition of the utility and the utility itself.

1. Unregister the utility (remove defition):

portal.getSiteManager().unregisterUtility(utility, IFavoriteStorage)

2. Delete the object (remove utility itself):

del my_utility


So add or edit Extensions/Install.py and add something like this:

from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from Products.CMFPlone.utils import log
from zope.component import getUtility
from fourdigits.favorites.interfaces import IFavoriteStorage
import transaction

def uninstall(portal, reinstall=False):
    # Remove utilities when really uninstalled
    if not reinstall:
        my_utility = getUtility(IMyFirstUtility)
        portal.getSiteManager().unregisterUtility(my_utility, IFavoriteStorage)
        del my_utility
        log("Uninstalled fourdigits.favorites")

    return "Ran all uninstall steps."
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