• Laurens Kling

Researching Plone UI: Done!

After three months of researching, interviewing, typing, concluding and checking, I can finally release my research report on the current Plone UI.

Hello Plone.

In February, I started working at Four Digits as an intern to help out with the new Plone UI. I was to use my usability "expertise" to represent the end users of Plone. A couple of months later, I can present you my research on these end users and their view on the CMS. It contains summaries of the interviews taken, an usability guidelines check on Plone, my research conclusions and a summary of the subjects mentioned in these conclusions. There must be something of interest to you.

All comments or feedback are welcome and appreciated. Help me get a high grade and say it’s the best you’ve ever read.

Get the PDF file at: http://researching-plone-ui.googlegroups.com/web/researching-plone-ui.pdf

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