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The Deep-fried Mars Bar

Before we headed to Edinburgh for DjangoCon EU, we'd read on the Djangocon website that there's a snack unique to Scotland that is eaten after a night of drinking. A sugary, chocolaty snack dipped in batter and deep fried for a couple of minutes. The deep-fried Mars bar.

For obvious reasons, this late-night snack piqued our interest.

A few months before heading to Edinburgh, Esper and Coen decided to try and make it themselves, which tasted great. We could only imagine how the Mars bar would taste in its country of origin.

Coen and Esper preparing the deep-fried snacks
Coen and Esper preparing the deep-fried snacks

After the second day of the conference, and a couple of beers in the Old Town of Edinburgh later, we stumbled upon a snack bar that had an oddly vague picture of a Mars bar in the window of their store. At first, we weren't sure if this was the right spot to try it out, and, if we had enough beers to truly appreciate it. We decided to have another beer at a bar near the snack bar.

Once we had enough courage, we headed back to the snack bar and went in. The snack bar itself did not disappoint. The menu was quite unique with the deep-fried Mars bar text displayed in multiple colors, as a way of emphasizing it.

The menu
The menu

After ordering we quickly received the snacks. The first thing we noticed is that they looked quite different from the ones made by Esper and Coen.

It tasted great. It had a nice crust and the inside was not too hot. It obviously tasted like a Mars.

Deep-fried Mars bar
Deep-fried Mars bar

Even though it tasted and looked great, I feel that the one made at the office by Esper and Coen was better. It might have been the batter or the technique which made the difference. Maybe it was the feeling while making it.

If you're in Scotland, granted you've had a few beers, be sure to try this snack. Making it yourself is also quite easy and tasted great too!

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