• Roel Bruggink

There's an end to everything

Four Digits is moving away from Plone.

This was an April fools joke. Please also read the follow up.

It has been a difficult week for us. We've been talking for hours. What should we do? Is this the right thing to do? More questions then answers, but at least we now know what to do.

For the last couple of years, life has been a blast! We've met wonderful, intelligent people. We've gotten to know a wonderful, intelligent product - Plone of course!

We really like the whole Plone community, and we really did enjoy coding on the new Plone collections, integrating TinyMCE and building Deco. But we also see a lot of difficulties on the horizon. We no longer can afford to invest in Plone the community, nor in Plone the product.

So, this is farewell… I hope you will keep on rocking the Plone boat and get more and larger contracts. The best to you all! We would like to keep the legend alive, so we want you to join us in one final night of abundant drinking and get up tomorrow and code like the monkeys we are.

We love code


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