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Three is a crowd, (Wagtail) 4 is a party!

Last August saw the release of version 4.0 of the Wagtail CMS. Version 4.1, a "long term support" release, dropped in November. In this blog post, we'll take a quick look at some of the new features.

Live preview

While editing, you see a preview of what your page will look like:

Wagtail 4's live preview feature
Wagtail 4's live preview feature

Document outline

The headers in the page can be shown wile editing, showing an overview (table of contents) of the entire document:

Wagtail 4's document outline
Wagtail 4's document outline

Workflow in snippets

"Snippets" (re-usable parts of a page) now also can have "Draft" status. They can also be revisioned, and previewed.

The rich text editor

The richt text editor is quicker and easier to work with.

  • Create links by selecting text and pasting (Ctrl-V) a URL on it.
  • Start a block with a slash ‘/’ to open the palette and change the text format.
  • Or use hotkeys to create formatting. For example: Ctrl-Alt-2 creates an H2 header.

More information

For a comprehensive list, see https://docs.wagtail.org/en/latest/releases/4.0.html and https://docs.wagtail.org/en/latest/releases/4.1.html

Or read the Wagtail Guide to see all the possibilities.

And check out the video on the https://wagtail.org/ homepage!

What customers say

Monica Brondos of War Child wrote:

"omg - looooving the Wagtail upgrade!! All our familiar functionalities, and then some! (now we can even see WHERE the image is used in other pages, super nice!)"


Interested in also upgrading to Wagtail 4, or want to get a demo? Get in touch with us.

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