• Martijn Jacobs

TinyMCE and Deco at the Plone Conference 2009

This year the Plone Conference 2009 is in Budapest. Rob Gietema hosted two talks: TinyMCE, the new editor for Plone and Deco, the new layout system.

We arrived on tuesday afternoon, together with our friends of Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe. Budapest is a great city to go out, so we had some drinks and food in the city centre.

Four Digits and GW20E in Budapest

On wednesday, the Plone Conference officially started with an excellent keynote of Alexander Limi about the current status and the future of Plone. Rob talked about the TinyMCE Editor integration in Plone. TinyMCE is one of the best WYSIWYG editors around and nowadays an excellent alternative for the default Kupu editor and it's compatible with all the 3.x versions of Plone. It will be the new default editor in Plone 4.

The video of the TinyMCE presentation

After the lunch and the talk of Alexander Limi about the Deco CSS grid system, Rob's talk started to demo the current version of Deco. Deco will be the next best thing in Plone : Instead of just editing content you defined in your content types you can edit the layout of your website as well. With Deco, you build up your page using tiles which you can drag & drop according to the grid which is defined. Tiles can be anything you want : a piece of text, an image or even an application.

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