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Wagtail Space 2018, day one

Wagtail Space has launched! Three days of programming and presentations.

We're happy to host Wagtail Space, a three day conference focusing on the Wagtail CMS.

Kickoff meeting (Photo: Tom Dyson)

We use Wagtail, we love it, and we believe that making it better is a good choice for us in the long run.

Currently there are about 30 developers, from 20 companies, from four different continents working in our office.

They are working in improving the UI for editors, making it work for people with a visual disability, improving the new visual editor, and fixing various other issues.

It's a great advantage to have so many people together in one building for a couple of days, as it helps sharing knowledge immensely.

Some other people have written about the event better than i could, so i'll just point to Tony Yates' blog post and Tom Dysons photos here.

We'll follow up on the progress later, but for now let me just say it's lovely to see so many different people and companies working together!

We love code


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