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Wagtail Space 2018 - Evaluation

Wagtail Space 2018 is gone, but not forgotten. Some weeks after the event, we took some time to look back, and see what can be improved.

All told, it's been great! Good thing we still have the pictures:

"Wagtail Space 2018 Group Photo"


Our previous blog posts show pretty well what was done on the first days. On Friday, we planned talks. Some of you may already have seen these through the live stream. To sum it up, we include the schedule and links to videos here.

Session 1 (video)

  • Kevin Chung - Google Cloud’s challenges with Content Management
  • Thibaud Colas - Introducing Draft.js in Wagtail
  • Matt Wescott - Let It Go - going from lead dev to open source project manager
  • Lisa Adams - Developing Solutions for Girls, by Men - about using personas to create accessible software

Session 2 (video)

  • Bertrand Bordage - Crowdfunding Wagtail - about Wagtail's First Hatch
  • Tom Dyson - The Word Problem - How to incorporate content reviewing in Wagtail for people that are used to Word
  • Daniele Procida - Wagtail on Divio Cloud (2018 update)

Lightning Talks (video)

First names only here, to reflect the informal character of the Lightning talks.

  • Tony - Sticking the head back on Wagtail for the NHS
  • UWKM - Editor
  • Codie - Things I learned at Wagtail Space
  • Daniele - Fly Wagtail to a PyCon
  • Michael - Performance
  • Rajeev - On the work I did, and how we can collaborate in future
  • Lars - The easteregg team did a short demo of the evil they wrought.
  • Maarten - Wagtail Space 2019
"Matt Wescott speaking about being lead dev of an Open Source project"


We sent a questionnaire to all 57 participants. We received 13 responses.

The response averages were very positive on these subjects: - announcement visibility - amount of talks - diversity of talks - technicality of talks - ease of getting started sprinting - office atmosphere - usefulness of daily standup - ease of finding affordable lodging - travelling experience - evening / social programme - likelihood of return / recommendation

The only exception was "Team goals". The average response was halfway between "Team goals were clear and attainable." and "Team goals could have been more clear, or or more attainable."

A handful of people took the time to provide us with more pointers using the open questions, which helped to interpret some of the results better. One thing we took away from this, which we also felt ourselves, is that it would be nice if more people presented their work in some way.

Lessons learned

So next year, we plan to keep this: - Yes there'll be another Wagtail Space 🙂 - Talks on Friday afternoon - A "getting started" sprint team for novice contributors

We'll change these things: - Encourage clearer formulation of team goals prior to the sprint. - Encourage team demos at lightning talks. If no team member wishes to present, let someone else do a summary. - Make Thursday evening the "official" party night.

Wagtail Space 2019

Yes, it's official: There's going to be a Wagtail Space 2019. We had such a good time that we think it would be a shame to not do another one. So mark these days in your calendar: Wednesday March 13th - Friday March 15th.

See you there!

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