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Wagtail Space - Day 2 wrapup

After a great first day of getting to know each other and fascinating talks, we had a productive second day of Wagtail Space today! Some more Wagtailers attended, bringing today's group up to thirty four people. In the morning we prioritized the current sprint's topics. We then split up into several dedicated teams and began grinding. Here are today's highlights.

Team Western Yellow Wagtail

As there are many open pull requests (PR) for Wagtail, team Western Yellow Wagtail made it their mission to close as many PR's as possible during the current sprint. Today they set out and already managed to close some PR's and resolve issues. Have a look at the Arnhem-sprint-designated pull requests.

Team Madagascan Wagtail

Team Madagascan Wagtail started work on implementing a PostgreSQL full text search (FTS) backend into Wagtail. Today the team decided they would create an installable app for this and they set up the project accordingly. Basic search is already operational. More features will be added in the coming days.

Team Mekong Wagtail

As Wagtail CMS is being recognised as a great CMS more and more, it should be a first-class choice on the Divio Cloud. To facilitate this, team Mekong Wagtail took some promising steps today. They designated members for a Divio - Wagtail team that will look after maintaining and improving Wagtail's implementation in the Divio Cloud. Today the team familiarised themselves with the workings of Divio and started work on integrating Wagtail Menus with Divio. Also, they discussed creating documentation.

Team Grey Wagtail

Team Grey Wagtail delivered on necessary tasks of delimiting issues and researching security holes in her quest to make Wagtail's core compatible with Django 1.11.

Team African Pied Wagtail

A lot of progress was made for a commercial in which people will be asked to test Wagtail's usability while being interviewed by a live robot. Today's work resulted in a screenplay and working API to control the robot from Wagtail. Awesome.

Robot on a break from being trained for the Wagtail commercial

Even more teams

Team Bakery worked on rendering static pages from Wagtail using Bakery instead of Medusa. This first day's work was pretty successful, as they were able to render single static pages upon publishing of those pages in the Wagtail CMS.

Some people teamed up to look into the possibility of drag & drop functionality for streamfields. Exciting!

In addition to checking in fresh code, we also managed to brainstorm about an out-of-the-box Wagtail feature to share content from Wagtail CMS with social media.

In case you missed out on today, be sure to check out all of the latest pull requests!

A quick pic on the Second Day of Wagtail Space
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