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Wagtail Space - Day 3 wrapup

Today was a quiet day, the silence of people working being broken only by diligent typing, and by a robot dancing to Gangnam Style.

Team Western Yellow Wagtail

On the "Ticket Destroyer" team many issues were fixed, some of them already merged. They did not just pick the easy and glorious ones, and flooded the core team's inbox.

Team Madagascan Wagtail

The PostgreSQL full-text search backend is quite ready. They will finish up tomorrow, and try to get it into Wagtail core. It's on PyPi.

Team Grey Wagtail

Merged PR's from the other teams, and closed issues around custom permissions models as these are not the road we want to go down.

Team African Pied Wagtail

The "Robot Team" brought in people form the street and made them log in to Wagtail. Meanwhile the robot provided feedback, and finally invited them to dance. Tomorrow, they make a video of this.

Other teams

Team Bakery took out references to the failing Medusa, and started writing code and tests for Bakery. Tomorrow the work continues.

Drag & drop functionality for streamfields is a work in progress.

Meanwhile, some other people worked on the measurements from the beer flow meter. The good thing is it's working, the bad thing is: only for water now.

In case you missed out on today, be sure to check out all of the latest pull requests!

And enjoy this picture of sprinters enjoying a well-deserved rest at the end of Day 3 of Wagtail Space.

Sprinters at rest
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