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Wagtail Space - Day 4 wrapup

On the last day of Wagtail Space much more work was done.

The "Ticket Destroyers" solved many more issues, the one more glorious than the other, varying from layout issues to a hyper scrolling bug.

The Madagascan Wagtail team finished up their PostgreSQL full-text search backend, and made it actually two times faster than Elasticsearch!

In the meanwhile the UI/UX team developed a long-term vision for the Wagtail Page Explorer, and presented that at the end of the day. Other members of that team worked on an improved design of nested streamfields, and that worked out quite well.

The 'African Pied Wagtail' Team went to Arnhem Central Station to test their Robotic Wagtail integration on volunteers. They filmed their testing efforts and the resulting film is expected later this week.

Testing the Robot Wagtail integration on Arnhem Station

Meanwhile Team Static Site Generator finished their deprecation of Medusa and finished working on integrating Bakery into Wagtail.

On the other side, some people continued working on the beer flow meter, and the first prototype was fully operational in the evening!

We ended the day with the last standup of the week, followed by a last lighting talk of Matt Wescott in which he showed Draftail, an implementation of Draft.js specially tailored for Wagtail. After that coding was over, and we cheered with a White Wagtail beer (brewed by FuzBräu) to cheer on Wagtail and a very successful, engaging and thriving Wagtail Space!

Wagtail Space group photo

To conclude this blogpost, a few statistics about Wagtail Space:

We've had 56 attendees spread over 4 days. 1 person slept in our office. 52 issues on Github were labeled 'sprint:Arnhem2017', of which 35 were closed. 8 talks were live-streamed via Youtube, that were watched by 16 people simultaneously. During lunch 48 loaves of bread were consumed. More than 110 liters of beer flowed through the tap, and around 400 mini Snickers provided the energy to continue working on Wagtail.

Thank you all for attending and we hope to see you on the next Wagtail Space!

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