• Yadi Dragtsma

We get help from all directions

Ever since we announced that the next Plone conference will be in Arnhem, organisations from all over town have offered to help us prepare.

We are of course pleased to see that so many people are willing to do their part when it comes to promote the city of Arnhem. The local chamber of commerce has offered to send a speaker to the conference. The city contacted us to have a talk about the event and recently we received a call from the tourism board Arnhem-Nijmegen. They are going to help us creating a 'shock and awe' better half program.

Somewhere in the next weeks we will sit down with them and discuss the possibilities. As said before, we have multiple goals regarding the Plone conference. Apart from a great meet up, we'd like people to see and experience all the good things Arnhem has to offer. The tourism board, officially called Regionaal Bureau voor Toerisme Arnhem Nijmegen (RBT KAN), has in-depth knowledge and resources in that field.

Arnhem is the city of art, culture, fashion and design. It is also the city with some awesome venues, beautiful nature and an interesting history. If you are into World War II, Arnhem is a must see. RBT KAN has valuable contacts and together we can come up with an overview on options for people who plan to see the city. From entrance fees to transport and from opening hours to any other additional information, we will deliver.

So if you want to go out and see Arnhem (and we encourage you to do so), don't hesitate to contact us with specific questions or requests. We are happy to provide you with all the relevant information. Still not sure about a trip to Arnhem? How about a great conference combined with a visit to one of the greatest cities in the Nederlands. Get your pass, book a hotel and be there in October, when Holland is the center of the Plone universe.

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