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What we learned at PyGrunnX

We attended the 10th edition of PyGrunn, a Python (and friends) conference in Groningen, NL. Here's what we learned.

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PyGrunn is a conference about the Python programming language and its uses. It is also about related subjects, hence "and friends". As this was the 10th edition, it was dubbed PyGrunnX.

It was a great experience to be at a real live conference again. Discussing stuff with others, meeting with ex-colleagues, making new contacts and sharing knowledge, we've missed it.


To get an idea about the diversity of subjects, have a look at the schedule.

Coen spoke about live blogging with Wagtail Live.

Kees spoke about better code reviews (slides).

Lessons learned

Without further ado, here are the learnings:

  • When doing a live demo during a talk, always have a plan B.
"Coen during his talk"
  • You can change a callable's signature.
  • ω
  • Pattern matching in Python 3.10 is cool.
  • More understanding of self
  • Shorter is often quicker
  • Maths is hard
  • Getting up at 6 sucks and Groningen is a long way from Arnhem.
"At Zwolle train station, about 08:00"
  • pytest --cov-branch
  • When doing a talk, always have an USBC-HDMI adapter with you.
"Kees during his talk"
  • Large scale websites are always hard
  • Calling your dad in the middle of the night is fun.
  • Beer is good
  • Body needs more than 2 hours of sleep
  • Oneliners are allowed if you studied maths
  • Groningen is cool
  • A lot of words can be made from the letters of "spindle"
  • Have a matrix for edge cases in tests
  • Don't use Julia for web applications

More information

All talks were recorded. These videos will be published shortly, probably at the PyGrunn Youtube channel.

A more detailed write-up of specific talks can be found at Reinout van Rees' blog.

More pictures / impressions via Twitter.

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