• Martijn Schenk

Yeah! We're Done!

After five weeks of building, cleaning, moving, cleaning, painting, moving and cleaning we're finally done.

Under a huge layer of dust we found our office, and after removing this layer the result was amazing. Not only we've got ourself a brand new kitchen, we also have a massive bar!

Since we moved in here, we talked about our wish and the possibility to create a bar.  Every friday after work we evaluate the week and make plans for the next one. We invite friends and business partners to come over and join us. Sometimes we're done at seven, sometimes it results in a great night out!

From now on we can serve drinks from behind our bar, we can sit at our bar and lean at it while making new plans.

Bar Kitchen

One of our new plans is to organize a big Plone Sprint in our office. We now have enough room for about twenty people to work on the wonderful product Plone and enough space at the bar to drink something afterwards.

There's only one problem left: What should be our next goal? Any suggestions?

We love code


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