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You are a fraud! Using AI/ML for Fraud Detection

To keep up to date with developments within Mollie and because it's fun to do, Geert-Jan van den Bosch and Tom Hendrikx visited the second Mollie Developer Meetup in Amsterdam last week.

This time around: AI/ML for Fraud Detection and protection, including a presentation by Ryan Chaves (Data Science Manager @ Mollie) and a ChatGPT based application for generating descriptions for products in webshops by Jos Jonkeren (CTO @ Fozzels).

Smart and exciting hot topics in fintech!

Mollie Developer Meetup 2

Discussion at the bar

After the talks there are was much room for discussion and to network with the peers over drinks and food in a relaxing atmosphere. Nice to be part of this again and our thanks to Mollie for organising the second edition of the developers meetup!

Discussions at the bar

An update about mollie-api-python

We facilitate the Mollie API client for Python. In recent months, we've added various features to the Mollie API client for Python, for broader support of the API in Python applications. Check out the background information about this project.

The 3.0.0 version was released including documentation how to migrate to v3. More information about this can be found on the GitHub repository.

Happy coding!

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