Many of our technical solutions are based on the Content Management System (CMS) Plone. Plone is backed up by a professional and active community. There is a continued development of the package thereby taking into account the compatibility with previous versions which makes Plone a stable platform in supporting your application. By developing Plone, Four Digits also contributes to its community.


Plone had been created in 2001 as a result of dissatisfaction about the user-friendliness of other systems. First, an entire new user interface was designed while the accompanying technique was written at a later stage. New users of the system experience Plone as very user-friendly, particularly because there is no separation between the ‘front’ and management part of the website. In this way, administrators can immediately start revising the contents of websites and seeing direct results.

Unlimited possibilities

The possibilities are almost endless. Plone not only enables you to maintain your website but also to connect to it numerous applications, databases, modules and functionalities. Four Digits has built web applications for various customers. [link to portfolio – Plone cases] For instance, complete intranet environments, online product databases, and solutions to chat with employees or modules for stock management.

A freely accessible and secure platform

Plone is ‘open source’ software which means that anyone can contribute to further development of the software. What this implies for you is that purchase and use are free of charge. Furthermore, Plone has been known for being the most secure CMS for years. Precisely because this is open software, anyone can think along and contribute to its development. For that matter, Plone can be considered a unique platform. It is secure, license free and versatile; all the more reason for numerous companies and organisations to choose this platform. NASA, the FBI and Nokia are appealing names, but by now national governments such as those of Italy and Brazil also make use of Plone.

How do we contribute?


We are co-organisers of the annual Plone User Day. In 2012, we organised the worldwide Plone Conference. Each year, we attend several Plone development sprints to help build the product.

Plone Improvement Proposals (Plips)

Plips are points for improvement which, partly thanks to our customers’ feedbacks, are collected and implemented. After the approval of the framework team and the quality management team of the Plone Foundation, improvements are implemented.


By using ‘add-ons’ we are able to add functionalities to Plone. Four Digits has, among others, developed an add-on for Dutch online marketplace Marktplaats, i.e. a supply and demand module. This has been available to everyone since.