Many of our technical solutions are based on the Content Management System (CMS) Plone. Plone is backed by a professional and active community. There is continuous development of the package, thereby taking into account the compatibility with previous versions, which makes Plone a stable platform in supporting your application. By developing Plone, Four Digits also contributes to its community.

The power of Plone


Plone had been created in 2001 as a result of dissatisfaction about the user-friendliness of other systems. First, an entire new user interface was designed while the accompanying technique was written at a later stage. New users of the system experience Plone as very user-friendly, particularly because there is no separation between the ‘front’ and management part of the website. In this way, administrators can immediately start revising the contents of websites and seeing direct results.

Unlimited possibilities

The possibilities are almost endless. Plone not only enables you to maintain your website but also to connect to it numerous applications, databases, modules and functionalities. Four Digits has built web applications for various customers. For instance, complete intranet environments, online product databases, and solutions to chat with employees or modules for stock management.

Photo of the Plone community at Ploneconf 2012
Four Digits hosted the international Plone conference in 2012.

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