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Bidding, bidding, bidding. For the auction site Industrial Auctions there is only one absolutely necessary: ​​customers must always be able to bid. As often as they want and as easily and efficiently as possible. The registration and handling? They must be infallible. Naturally.

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Industrial Auctions auctions industrial residual lots and bankruptcy goods. Buying a new bread maker? Of course, but keep in mind that the whole world bids. Okay, except Svalbard then.Svalbard dan.

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39 bidding scenarios

The principle seems simple. When a visitor makes a bid, it must be made immediately and displayed online to all visitors in all time zones worldwide. We were asked to develop a punctual and an error free system for this.

With this software, visitors can bid very quickly and the project leaders of Industrial Auctions can enter lots very easily. During the elaboration we discovered that there are more than 39 (!) Bidding scenarios imaginable. Each scenario has been extensively discussed with the customer and resolved. The website is now available in 4 languages ​​and language 5 is coming.

Test driven development

Once online, the software must always function, even after a major update. Therefore, all bidding scenarios have been worked out and all user functions are under test, 510 pieces in total. Test Driven Development (TDD) is a large part of the methodology behind the Industrial Auctions software.

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Of course we don't talk about exact sales numbers.
The result is a satisfied customer who can think of his future. With its own software and not dependent on others.

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Used technique

For the real-time updates in the browser as soon as there is a bid, we have made a link with Redis, Tornado and Javascript. With the backend of Django, we are sure that the base is safe and reliable.


Industrial Auctions already worked with existing software, but wanted more control over its core activity. From this input we have made a new plan to combine the loading speed and ease of use of the visitor. And that's why we questioned the process. Does a bid always win? What does a proxy bid (automatic bid) do for the same bid? The result: super sleek auction software in an industrial jacket. A well-oiled machine, ready for any auction.

A production line is ready for the auction.
A production line is ready for the auction.

About Industrial Auctions

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Industrial Auctions is an internationally operating online auction agency specialized in business-to-business auctioning of machines, inventory and goods. In recent years Industrial Auctions has specialized in organizing auctions for the food and beverage industry.

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