Python is an open source object oriented programming language famous for its clean and well-organized source code and therefore widely used at the Web and in the world of science. Python consists of a compact core including a vast library with every possible extension. In Arnhem, Four Digits is an authority in the field of Python: we have been working with Python for more than ten years.

The power of Python


For content management systems we use Plone which is based on Python. In addition, we use various Python frameworks, always choosing a matching framework for the project. Flask is used for simple applications, while Django or Pyramid are used for more complex applications. Tornado is used for high-performance applications.


Python has been developed by Dutch computer programmer Guido van Rossum. At that time, he worked at the Dutch research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI). Afterwards, he worked at Google and currently he is working at Dropbox.

Easter egg puzzle
Python code.
easteregg code

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