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Efteling, Enjoy even more moments together. Breathtaking attractions. The Python roller coaster! And enchanting powers for the whole family. Django-Oscar handles every online order in an intensive collaboration.

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In collaboration with the Efteling, we are working on the Django-Oscar eCommerce environment responsible for handling payments, bookings and orders placed through the online sales channel. In a world where the customer is always central, the environment serves the needs of an order.

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As a guest of the Efteling, the experience starts when placing the order. All orders placed through the shopping cart of the website are handled by Django-Oscar. With a correct processing of the order and payment, the customer will receive the ultimate experience.

Just putting together your shopping cart with products will result in an endless amount of possibilities. For example, does the guest buy a parking ticket or not? Do you book a cottage with a crib and a cake on arrival? Ordering a crib without a cottage is not possible. We have Django-Oscar configured so that all correct options are possible and the experience is always maintained.

Experience the enchantment

Not only tickets, but also subscriptions, cottages or hotel stays are available online. Have you always wanted to sleep in Hansel and Gretel style or as a sultan in the Fata Morgana Suite? In the "My Efteling" environment it is clear which orders have been placed. When processing the order, it is possible to make the payment in different ways. In advance, afterwards, at the door, credit card or spread. Django-Oscar does the checking and leaves the experience to the custumer.

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Django-Oscar works completely standalone and is linked through Django-Oscar API This makes it easier to update and roll out both Django-Oscar and the tools that use it.


Since ordering a stay at a cottage and tickets must always go well, a collaboration at detail level is necessary. Together with the Efteling IT team, we coordinate what the wishes are and how we implement them within the sprints that are running. Deliveries are carefully tested to ensure that nothing is left to chance. A great customer with a great team and a challenging assignment that is constantly on the move offer their customers the ultimate amusement park experience.

The Python rollercoaster
Python and Efteling have been a combination for years

About About Efteling

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Since the opening of "the Fairytale forest " in 1952, Efteling has grown into one of the largest theme parks in Europe, with 4.76 million visitors in 2016. In addition to the amusement park, Efteling also includes the Efteling Hotel, the Efteling Bosrijk holiday park, the Efteling Loonsche Land holiday park, the Efteling Theater and the Efteling Golf Park.

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