The Veiligheidsregio Utrecht (VRU) is one of 25 safety regions in the Netherlands. VRU deals with various aspects of safety, including firefighting, crisis management, medical assistance and risk management.

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Accessible website for all

An accessible website is very important because it ensures that people with different disabilities and abilities have equal access to information and functionalities on the Internet. Especially in times of crisis, the website must be accessible to all.

Accessibility does not only affect people with disabilities, but also benefits all users. A well-designed accessible website is uncluttered, navigable and easy to understand. It improves the user experience for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

A screenshot of the incident notifier
A screenshot of the incident notifier

Incident Information

Websites such as the VRU website often provide important information about safety and emergency response in a specific region. People can visit these websites to stay informed about potential risks, such as natural disasters, industrial incidents, health emergencies or terrorist threats. They can also find advice and guidelines on how to protect themselves and others during emergencies.

The VRU website also serves as an important communication channel during emergencies. The website provides notifications, alerts and updates on current incidents, such as fires, floods, chemical spills or other emergencies. People visit this website to stay informed about the latest developments and receive instructions on what to do.

Incident notifier

An incident reporting system is a system used by security regions to record, manage and track incident reports. Its purpose is to publish information on various channels through a single platform. It is used to manage communication and coordination during emergencies.

The incident reporting system helps the security region respond quickly and effectively to emergencies, improve communication to the public and enable a streamlined response. It helps ensure safety and minimize the consequences of incidents.

A screenshot of the incident notifier
A screenshot of the incident notifier

Reporting live

When there is an incident (such as a fire or accident) within the security region, spokespersons can report on it on the spot. The Incident notifier is optimized for mobile use. Residents of the safety region can then view the incident on the website for important information. Updates and news are presented in the form of a live blog. In addition, a map shows where the incident is taking place and provides advice, such as to close windows and doors in case of fire.

Spokespersons can easily post information via the Incident notifier on their device. At the touch of a button, they place the information on the risk and crisis communication section within the website. They also share the information via social media, redirecting the reader with a direct URL. In case of a current incident, the visitor is alerted here on the homepage and easily directed to the risk and crisis communication section.

An incident involves many visitors and page requests on the website
There are many updates on major incidents
Time is crucial
Available during emergencies

Technology used

The website was created using Wagtail CMS as the backend. The incident reporting application is an integrated tool but runs primarily on Python.

About Veiligheidsregio Utrecht (VRU)

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Utrecht is a busy region with a lot of traffic. VRU must make efforts to prevent and manage traffic accidents. Is responsible for fighting (natural) fires and industrial incidents.

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