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There are plenty of great open source content management systems on the market. We think that the editor’s experience is most important criterion when selecting a content management system. This is why we choose Wagtail, an open source CMS both developers and editors can easily work with.

Why we choose Wagtail CMS

  1. Open source software

    Wagtail is open source software. It is licensed on the BSD license, so you experience as much freedom as possible. Furthermore, an extensive and active developers community works continuously on Wagtail so that the software is continuously be improved and extended..

  2. User friendly

    Working with content should mostly be a pleasant experience. Wagtail offers a fast and smooth user interface, so you maintain your website with a smile.

  3. Lightweight

    Wagtail runs on standard server configurations. So you could host it where you want: on your own computer, in the cloud, or on a shared hosting platform. Wagtail is sparingly with resources: large and expensive servers are therefore not necessary. Four Digits is able to provide Wagtail hosting, on your own servers as well as on ours.

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The power of Wagtail CMS


Expansion and modification of your website should never be expensive. Wagtail is made for developers by developers. The less time is needed for default configuration, the more time is available for the finishing touch of your website.


Nothing stays forever, especially web-related techniques. If you want to switch to another hosting company or website builder, your CMS should not limit you in any way. Wagtail is built on the popular Django stack, loved by developers and agencies all over the world.

Blazingly fast

Nobody likes to wait, neither visitors nor webmasters. Wagtail is blazingly fast and super easy. Still we always give a course, very handy to get started!

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How we contribute to Wagtail CMS

Wagtail Space and Sprints

Proud organiser of the Wagtail Space 2017/2018/2019/2022, the biggest event within the Wagtail community focused on knowledge sharing and development. For four days, 30 developers were at work at our location. We also attended other sprints.


Coen van der Kamp is a member of the Wagtail CMS Core team on behalf of Four Digits. The team consists of developers from all over the world. During weekly meetings, we help Wagtail and the Wagtail community move forward!

Dutch translation

The complete Dutch translation of Wagtail has been addressed by us. An easy CMS is meant to be available in your own language without words that have double meanings in major actions.

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