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Zumtobel Group is one of the largest international players in the field of lighting solutions. Together with Zumtobel Group, we have worked on a digital platform in which it’s possible to manage several brand websites.

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It all started when Zumtobel Group decided to put three websites under one domain and make it manageable through one single CMS. The three brands of which we speak are Zumtobel Group, Zumtobel and Thorn. Because of the size of the backend, it was essential to keep the focus on user friendliness and reusability so it may be used efficiently by editors and developers. Ultimately, the CMS fits the wishes and requirements of the Zumtobel Group’s editors perfectly.

Zumtobel products

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In 2019, Zumtobel Group developed a new and improved concept with design agency Anton & Irene, a company most known for their innovative concepts and designs. The new concept needed to improve the way people looked at the company by increasing the user friendliness and by using images making the website look a lot more modern. Anton & Irene delivered a design that wasn’t only esthetically great, but one that would also give us some challenges. All of the website's products are connected by API, the rest is all managed in the CMS. Look at the many page-types that were created for this website, especially the Case studies!

The case studies

Something unique about this website is the case study page. This page exhibits the largest and most inspiring locations to which the brands have delivered their products. Zumtobel Group has placed its products in many world famous buildings, such as impressive churches in Italy, many musea and some of the greatest football stadiums in Europe.

The case studies on Zumtobel’s website
The case studies on Zumtobel’s website


User experience was a major focus when creating their new and improved website. Many of the pages are shown in overlay pages. This gives the user a clear sense of navigation throughout the website and a great online experience.

An overlay on Zumtobel’s website
An overlay on Zumtobel’s website


‘Collaborating with the customer’ is exactly what we did. Together with Anton & Irene, we formed one team where front-end and back-end were divided over the two organizations where the Zumtobel Group provided structure and clarity on all matters. This collaboration went very smoothly due to the fact that Zumtobel Group created a very knowledgable team consisting out of developers and project managers. We were very happy to have Zumtobel Group’s team visit us twice during the project. It created a more personal connection between the two companies and boosted development tremendously. It was very appreciated by Zumtobel Group that we tried to give as much advice as possible in the decision making process, creating a mindset that it was as much our project as it was there. It all resulted in a high quality platform, built to last and give a sound base for future development.

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Used techniques

The front-end of the website is completely developed in HTML5, Backbone JS and Javascript by Anton & Irene. Four Digits has developed the back-end and APIs in Python. Wagtail CMS was the CMS used in this project.

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Zumtobel Group is one of the largest international players in the field of lighting solutions.

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