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Multi-domain, multi-language

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War Child is an organisation working worldwide for hundreds of thousands of children growing up in war and violence.

The web application consists of four websites, managed from a single admin interface. Each website has its own language and uses its own payment provider.

Four Digits provides maintenance, management and further development.

Screenshot of four War Child websites
Multi-domain and multi-language websites.

Hosting, maintenance and development

Four Digits took over hosting, maintenance and development of this project. In this process, we first did an analysis of the current state of the code. We were able to give the client a clear picture of the work required.

We have:

  • Removed or updated obsolete dependencies
  • Added automated testing
  • Added continuous integration and delivery scripts

With this, Four Digits took this project to the next level. The War Child websites have a good foundation for future development.

Donation systems
Admin interface

Technologies used

War Child websites are managed in the Wagtail CMS. Under the bonnet, various Django techniques are used. For example, to communicate with the newsletter service and various payment backends.


T here are various wishes from War Child Netherlands and the Alliance. Together with War Child, we determine which items have priority. Based on the budget and hours, we take care of the further development of the various websites.

About War Child

Logo of War Child

War Child is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children at war. It helps them process their drastic experiences, dare to make contact with other people again and build up self-confidence. She makes sure they learn to read, write, count or learn a trade. And it creates a safe environment where they can come to their senses and build a stable, peaceful future. They do this worldwide.


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