With the AQUON Order Management System it is easy to request water quality sampling.

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AQUON samples water quality for its clients (water authorities and other clients). Clients request these measurements by placing orders, which contain a lot of information.

The number of orders for water quality research has steadily increased, to over 100,000 samplings and almost 1,500,000 analysis results in 2021. This has created the need to streamline the data flow between AQUON and its clients.

Screenshot of the OMS

Order Management Systeem

The assignment AQUON gave us was simple: optimize our current processes for requesting water measurements. The digital application should allow clients to submit their orders to AQUON easily. Also, the application should signal if samplings and analyses have already been requested.

In addition, the new application should make it easier for AQUON to assess and place in to the primary system. In short: today, clients can process all types of applications in a user-friendly manner within a safe and stable environment.


The system has led to more efficiency and transparency for AQUON's clients, and better quality and cost savings for AQUON.

Measurement results
Sampling locations

Techniques used

Django is at the heart of this web application. We bundle all available data and serve it via a powerful API. The frontend, built with React, provides a user friendly experience for clients.


AQUON has transferred the knowledge of the current systems on paper, from the tender. After this, the team started working together on the technical design and the actual solutions. Based on the various discussions and proof-of-concepts, the final application went live before the deadline.

Order Management Systeem interface.
Order Management Systeem interface.


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AQUON is the ideal partner for water-related research and advice and is an innovative full-service partner for nine water authorities in the central and southern Netherlands. Municipalities, government and companies are also increasingly turning to AQUON for professional water research, expert information and reliable advice. AQUON research provides insight into water quality and thus forms the basis for healthy and sustainable water management.

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