Four Digits offers a range of services that go beyond normal website development. We have many years of experience with complex systems and various frame works. Below you will find an overview of the various fields of expertise.

Web applications

Traditional "desktop" applications are increasingly being replaced by web applications. Often, there is a world of applications behind a website that are invisible to the end user. We have ample experience in building web applications for miscellaneous scenarios which support your company or organization processesdirectly


There are many ways of providing and classifying information on a website: from web shops, which have to be convincing and deliver the correct conversion, to NGO’s that are looking for volunteers. Each website is different. We will be glad to help you develop and realise a suitable website. Thanks to our extensive network we always have the right specialism available.

Connectivity and API

A web application or website presents or works with data, information and graphs. The data is not provided by one system. We have extensive experience in facilitating connectivity, through writing and developing APIs, widgets and other integrations.


An intranet is the platform of choice for organisations to share knowledge with their employees: top down. However, in our view getting employees to become more involved will enhance the intranet and stimulate knowledge sharing. This generates more enthusiasm and involvement among employees, which really makes the intranet come alive. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Read more about intranets.

Document Management System

A Document Management System (DMS) is more than just a directory of folders and files. You also want to able to search, filter and find out who made the last change and what was changed. We deliver tailor-management systems that work seamlessly with your management needs. Ask us for versioning, archiving, workflow, notifications and expiration dates and ISO 9001.


Users don't have one device that they use to view the application or website. The Netherlands has the highest average number of devices per person. In 2016, this was 3.6 different screens. A website or web application should be developed for more than one resolution, but adaptive, responsive, based on the size of your screen or the size of the elements.

High Performance / High Availability

Are you looking for a platform that can handle millions of users, and has hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users or that can process gigabytes of data? You will soon find that regular web frameworks provide limited possibilities. We have much experience in setting up these types of systems. Read more about High Performance / High Availability.



Once your website or intranet is up and running, you want to be ensured of a reliable platform which is accessible day and night. We provide that solution with our own modern, redundantly equipped server park in Ede which even runs entirely on green power.

Service Level Agreements

Support is a major part of our services. You want to be certain that your application or website is always running. Therefore, we work with our own advanced support system and we offer custom-made service level agreements (SLA’s).


Education is the basis of working with new systems. Together with one of our experienced trainers you will go through the delivered application in order to make sure that all components are clear to you. We offer various courses: web editing, webmaster, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and software development.

We provide solutions based on


Plone is a software package that end users can use to post or adjust information on their websites in a simple way and as they see fit, i.e. a CMS. Programming knowledge is not necessary, which means that you can fully focus on the contents. Read more about Plone.


Django is a framework that is used to make web applications, from simple forums to very complex systems. Django can be easily extended and there are always many modules available that can be used as a basis.


Besides Plone and Django we also use other Python frameworks. We also have expert knowledge of Pyramid, Flask and Tornado. Based on our extensive experience with various projects we always choose the framework which is most suitable for the project. Read more about Python.


Wagtail is a very user-friendly CMS, developed on top of the Django framework. It offers both developers and editors an attractive way to write and structure content. Read more about Wagtail.


React is a javascript library for creating user friendly web applications. The efficient structure of React makes it lightning fast, no matter the amount of data that needs to be presented. From route planner to ERP system: our extensive knowledge of React can be used for various applications. Read more about React.


Front-end development is getting more and more prominent on the present Web. Our front-end developers are acquainted with the most recent building tools, testing frameworks and web standards. Whether it be HTML, Javascript or Stylesheets, we provide the solution that matches your needs.

Oscar logoOscar

Oscar is an e-commerce framework built on Django. Oscar does few assumptions about your project. Its extensible core allows your business logic to be implemented in clean manner. Apart from that, it has everything an e-commerce platform needs, from small webshops to complex platforms. Read more about Oscar