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We are always looking for the best solution in application development and content management systems. Æstethics are of secondary importance, what counts is our ability to solve problems. Four Digits is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

About us

In 2005, we started our business with the four of us, which one can guess from our company name Four Digits. From then on we gradually expanded and by now Four Digits consists of twenty heroes. Four Digits has grown from a start-up company in 2005 to a well-established name in our line of business. We relocated our office a few times in Arnhem as we expanded, but now we are situated in a grand and spacious building at the Jansbinnensingel in the city centre of Arnhem.

We started out as web application developers. From 2008, our focus increasingly became directed toward Content Management after a renewed acquaintance with Plone. Since 2011, we have found a solid balance between CMS activities and web applications. The projects have increasingly become larger, more varied and more complex. From 2016 onwards our activities mainly consist of Django, React, Wagtail and Plone development. They are a welcome challenge to us!

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Our expertise

Our strength lies in Python, but we are also skilled in techniques such as React, HTML5 and node.js. If it can run in a browser, we can make it!

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