Maarten Kling

Wagtail Sprint information

Wagtail is coming to The Netherlands, don't miss it! Come and join us from March 21st until 25th.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 20-02-2017 | 0 comments
Thijs Kramer

Using SCSS mixins to render repetitive selectors

In a project that I’m currently working on I needed per heading different font sizes and line heights per breakpoint.

Door Thijs Kramer | Op 25-11-2016 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Wagtail Space

From March 21st until 25th, Four Digits will host Wagtail Space in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 15-11-2016 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

Converting Plone data to Django

Getting data out of a Plone ZODB and into something else, like PostgreSQL.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 18-10-2016 | 0 comments
Coen van der kamp

Eerste Nederlandse Wagtail CMS Sprint

Wagtail is een Content Management Systeem gebaseerd op Django Framework. Op 16 en 17 juni vond de eerste Nederlandse Wagtail CMS Sprint plaats.

Door Coen van der kamp | Op 24-06-2016 | 0 comments
Thijs Kramer

Fronteers Spring Conference 2016

Fronteers Conference vindt normaal gesproken in oktober plaats. Dit jaar werd op 1 april voor het eerst een extra lente-editie georganiseerd in het EYE filmtheater in Amsterdam. Deze eendaagse conferentie stond geheel in het teken van web performance.

Door Thijs Kramer | Op 05-04-2016 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

Installing Plone 5 using pip

You do not need buildout to install Plone. Here's how.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 05-04-2016 | 2 comments
Kees Hink

Django Under The Hood

De conferentie Django Under The Hood vindt plaats van donderdag 5 tot en met zaterdag 7 november. Namens Four Digits wonen Roel, Maarten en Kees deze conferentie bij. Tijdens de conferentie wordt dieper ingegaan op technische aspecten van Django. Voor Four Digits is dit interessant, omdat we werken met op Django gebaseerde platforms als Oscar en Wagtail.

Door Kees Hink | Op 05-11-2015 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

PloneConf 2015

Four Digits was aanwezig bij het grootste Plone-evenement van het jaar: De wereldwijde Plone-conferentie, die afgelopen week plaatsvond in Boekarest.

Door Kees Hink | Op 19-10-2015 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

plone.api 1.4

The plone.api is an elegant and simple API, built for humans wishing to develop with Plone.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 04-09-2015 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

plone.api 1.3.3 released

The plone.api is an elegant and simple API, built for humans wishing to develop with Plone. Version 1.3.3 simplifies client code even more with plone.api.content.find and default return values. plone.api is now Plone 5 compatible.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 14-07-2015 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Make it beautiful

A Plone sprint is the best way to get work done in a short time. We take various people that are important to the project and put them in one location.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 14-07-2015 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

OpenGraph and SEO support for Plone 4

fourdigits.seo brings additional Publisher and Author data support and SEO overrides support in Plone 4.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 19-06-2015 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Reindex speed done by groups

Ever tried to do reindexObject or reindexObjectSecurity on a folder containing 1500 items having 1500 items having 1500 items?

Door Maarten Kling | Op 17-06-2015 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Plone Intranet Sprint

In München vond afgelopen week een sprint plaats rondom PloneIntranet.

Door Kees Hink | Op 13-03-2015 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Alpine City Sprint

In Innsbruck wordt hard gewerkt aan de nieuwe versie van Plone.

Door Kees Hink | Op 23-01-2015 | 0 comments
Rob Gietema

Using a webfont to display icons

When creating our new Four Digits website we needed to display a lot of icons. Since our website needed to be responsive, have sharp images on retina displays and short loading times, using standard images didn't work well. We tried a different technique which is using a webfont to display the icons. This blogpost explains how you can use vector images in your own website using grunt.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 24-12-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

PloneConf, the first three days

Most of the Four Digits team are present at the Plone Conference in Bristol. We give a short update on the things we've experienced so far.

Door Kees Hink | Op 01-11-2014 | 0 comments
Rob Gietema

Announcing the Anniversary Sprint 2015

Four Digits will be 10 years old on the 23rd of June 2015, so what better way to celebrate then a Plone Sprint! So after the succes of the Living Statues Sprint 2010, 2011, the Plone Conf 2012 and Arnhem Sprint 2013 Four Digits will be hosting another sprint in 2015! The sprint will be from Monday to Friday and will finish with a big party on Friday evening.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 14-10-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Verslag Silicon Alley Lightning Talks 26 september

Afgelopen vrijdag vonden er Lightning Talks plaats, in samenwerking met onze buren van WebIQ.

Door Kees Hink | Op 29-09-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Vrijdag 26 september Silicon Alley Lightning Talks

Vrijdag staan er weer Lightning Talks op het programma! Deze keer bij de buren.

Door Kees Hink | Op 23-09-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Upgrading Plone 3.3 to Plone 4.3

Recently we upgraded a Plone 3.3 site to 4.3. Here are some thoughts regarding this.

Door Kees Hink | Op 18-07-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Verslag Lightning Talks, volgende 26 september

Afgelopen vrijdag vond er een lightning talks-sessie plaats bij ons op kantoor. We blikken heel kort terug en kondigen de volgende editie aan.

Door Kees Hink | Op 24-06-2014 | 1 comments
Roel Bruggink

Show a message on errors with LDAP server in Plone

We needed to show a message to the end user when there were problems connecting to the LDAP server when authenticating.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 20-06-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

20 juni: Four O Four Lightning Talks

Op vrijdagmiddag 20 juni organiseren we een kennisbijeenkomst met korte presentaties.

Door Kees Hink | Op 11-06-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Terugblik op de “Spring Summit”

Afgelopen woensdag organiseerde Four Digits voor haar klanten en relaties een bijeenkomst met lezingen, onder de naam “Four Digits Spring Summit”.

Door Kees Hink | Op 05-05-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

CMS Garden at CeBIT

I’ve had the pleasure of attending CeBIT this week. From Monday until Wednesday, I was at the CMS Garden stand.

Door Kees Hink | Op 14-03-2014 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Cathedral Sprint, a short update

Our developers Roel Bruggink and Kees Hink are in Cologne, working on the new Plone 5 release.

Door Kees Hink | Op 13-02-2014 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling


When using ‘web_intelligent_plain_text_to_html’ from portal_transforms, make sure your input is decoded to utf-8 and the output is unicode.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 05-02-2014 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Diazo and facebook are friends

Sometimes your company logo is not the first picture loaded in HTML.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 24-12-2013 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Wrapup

The Arnhem Sprint is over, 5 days of coding have passed and Plone 5 is one step forward.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 20-11-2013 | 3 comments
Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Day 4

The fourth sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 14-11-2013 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Day 3

The third sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 13-11-2013 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Day 2

The second sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 12-11-2013 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Kickoff

At 10:00 we will start the Arnhem Plone Sprint 2013.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 11-11-2013 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Auto rotate Dexterity images based on EXIF info

Although I’ve been using Dexterity by default in the past years, I still need AT types for auto transforming images based on EXIF information.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 15-10-2013 | 2 comments
Franklin Kingma

pycharm3 and plone

Since a few weeks the new PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition is available, I tried to make it run my Plone and explain what is needed to make this happen.

Door Franklin Kingma | Op 10-10-2013 | 2 comments
Kees Hink

Plone Conference 2013

The annual Plone Conference aka PloneConf was held last week in Brasilia, Brazil. Franklin, Rob and me had the honour of attending.

Door Kees Hink | Op 08-10-2013 | 0 comments
Ralph Jacobs

Four Digits in fittest organisation competition

Four Digits competes in the “De fitste organisatie van Gelderland” competition.

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 27-09-2013 | 0 comments
Kees Hink

Python 2.4 bootstrapping

If you still have Plone 3 sites, most likely you will encounter issues when running bootstrap. Ralph tweaked the a bit to make it work.

Door Kees Hink | Op 03-09-2013 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Enable self registration and change homefolder

Using python to setup self registration and member type creation, using a normal

Door Maarten Kling | Op 28-08-2013 | 0 comments
Steven Looman

Handling history during a migration

Recently we blogged about the migration of our support system from Plone 3 to Plone 4. We are migrating over 100.000 objects to Dexterity.

Door Steven Looman | Op 19-08-2013 | 0 comments
Ralph Jacobs

New office: We celebrate 8 years!

Four Digits moved to a brand new office and we celebrate that Four Digits is 8 years old!

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 25-06-2013 | 2 comments
Roel Bruggink

fourdigits.remotemembrane released

A package used to login to a site based on authentication from another site.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 14-06-2013 | 1 comments

Four Digits sponsors Arnhem Falcons

Four Digits has become main sponsor of the American Football club the Arnhem Falcons. Last Sunday was the first game on their new field in Arnhem.

Door jos-henken | Op 28-03-2013 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Jenkins and

An Continuous Integration System setup for our own intranet.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 05-03-2013 | 0 comments
Steven Looman

Transmogrify 100k AT objects to Dexterity types

Since a while we are working on our new support system. Our support system supports our workflows.

Door Steven Looman | Op 18-01-2013 | 4 comments
Ralph Jacobs

Update on ISO 9001 and Plone

ISO 9001 and Plone are good friends.

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 21-12-2012 | 1 comments
Jeroen Ubbink

Standup time! But different…

Every once in a while we upgrade our office. Sometimes this means buying whiteboards or better monitors but this time it's a little more drastic.

Door Jeroen Ubbink | Op 23-11-2012 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Plone Conference 2012 Wrap-up

BAM! The Plone Conf 2012 is part of history now, and wow did we love it!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 18-10-2012 | 3 comments
Maarten Kling

unrestrictedSearchResults vs allowedRolesAndUsers

Sometimes you need to get all items in a result set without having the rights to actually view them.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 23-07-2012 | 2 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Best of both worlds

Last Friday the whole crew of Four Digits went to see an extraordinary show. Het Gelders Orkest, Gif.t and 8Bahn got together and created 'The Cloud'.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 11-06-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

We get help from all directions

Ever since we announced that the next Plone conference will be in Arnhem, organisations from all over town have offered to help us prepare.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 01-06-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Four Digits participates in World Plone Day

Every year, Plone community members and companies all over the globe celebrate World Plone Day, an event that aims to promote the benefits of Plone.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 20-04-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Phase one has commenced

We have the venue, the website and a dedicated team.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 16-03-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Arnhem, we have a lift off

The official website for the Ploneconf 2012, has been launched and made public on and Twitter.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 22-02-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Plone conference 2012 logo released

The logo for the Plone conference 2012 which will be held in Arnhem in The Netherlands, is released.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 10-02-2012 | 2 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Behold: the Ploneconf 2012 team

As from now, Four Digits has started the initial preparations on the upcoming PloneConf in october.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 03-02-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Ladies and gentleman, we 've got it

The Plone conference 2012 will take place in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 23-01-2012 | 5 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Fingers crossed during vote

This week, the community decides wether the Plone Conf 2012 will be held in Arnhem or Paris.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 18-01-2012 | 2 comments
Maarten Kling

Writing the Four Digits Plone Conference Proposal

On Friday 30 december Four Digits submitted a proposal to host the anual Plone Conference 2012 in Arnhem!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 05-01-2012 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

I would organise it again if needed

Next month, a Dutch magazine is goint to run a story on the Plone conference 2011 that was held in San Francisco last november.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 23-12-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Dutch Magazine runs story on Plone Conf

A well known Dutch magazine is going to print a story on the Plone conference that took place in november.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 08-12-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Presentation at Fair Trade Arnhem

During an event of Fair Trade Arnhem, Four Digits was invided to do a presentation on our paperless office.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 28-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Sprint in Nijmegen

Today, a member of the Four Digits crew is going to run 15 kilometers during the Zevenheuvelenloop te Nijmegen.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 20-11-2011 | 2 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

More culture in our region

Theatre, culture and music are important for a society. That is why Four Digits is sponsor of the Dutch orchestra Het Gelders Orkest.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 17-11-2011 | 2 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Plone site Cool Widget wins award

SIDN, the Dutch organisation that distributes .nl domains, has awarded in the category 'education in a digital environment'.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 11-11-2011 | 1 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

ABC: Always Be Closing

Calvin Hendryx-Parker gave a very interesting talk about selling Plone. How do you talk to potential customers? By listening rather than talking.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 06-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma; up and running in four months

Recently, the Plone community bought Now we have to turn it into a powerful yet simple platform that promotes Plone to end-users.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 06-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Q&A with the new Board

The new Plone Foundation Board had a meeting on day 3 to answer questions. What are the most important things to do in the near future?

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 05-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

PloneConf: why are we here?

It is day 3 of the conference here in SF, but there is still one blog to be published about yesterday.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 05-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

New Plone Foundation Board elected

At the end of day 2 of the PloneConf 2011 in San Francisco, the new board of Directors has been elected.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 05-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Keynote Building Bridges by PJ Onori

Day 2 of the PloneConf 2011 started with some lighting talks and after that, P.J. Onori did his keynote speech at the Century 9 movie theater. He is the lead product designer at Seabright, a product design and development company. He worked with both developers and designers and his message to the community was that it is all about the user experience. "Collaboration is fun."

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 04-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

It's all about mark(eting)

Here at the conference, the most important presentation for a marketing manager was the one Mark Corum did.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 04-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

Goodies in the bag

Here at the conference, the most important talks for a marketing and PR guy are after lunch.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 03-11-2011 | 0 comments
Yadi Dragtsma

PloneConf 2011 from a non technical Point of View

After two days of sightseeing, the conference has begun at the San Francisco State University Downtown Campus.

Door Yadi Dragtsma | Op 03-11-2011 | 0 comments

Living Statues Sprint 2011 wrap up

The Living Statues Sprint 2011 is over. What happened, what got done and what's still left?

Door jos-henken | Op 03-10-2011 | 1 comments

Last minute Living Statues sprint information

The Living Statues sprint is two days away. We're excited! Here is some last minute information to get a rolling start.

Door jos-henken | Op 19-09-2011 | 0 comments

One month until the Living Statues Sprint

With less than a month away, here is an overview of all the info about the Living Statues sprint

Door jos-henken | Op 19-08-2011 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Sneak Preview: Deco and new 4D site!

Work in progress!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 16-08-2011 | 3 comments
Ralph Jacobs

Want to make portlets Plone 3 and 4 compatible?

Some hands-on advice how to work on portlets in Plone 3.4 and 4.1.

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 05-08-2011 | 0 comments

The Living Statues Sprint 2011 Logo

Announcing the Living Statues 2011 Sprint Logo

Door jos-henken | Op 28-06-2011 | 0 comments

Living Statues Sprint 2011 Topics

We are announcing the sprint topics of our Living Statues sprint of 2011

Door jos-henken | Op 26-04-2011 | 0 comments

Dates Living Statues Sprint 2011 and Hotels

The Living Statues Sprint of 2011 will be held from 21st till the 25th of September.

Door jos-henken | Op 29-03-2011 | 0 comments

Living Statues sprint 2011

Four Digits is proud to announce the Living Statues sprint of 2011.

Door jos-henken | Op 07-03-2011 | 4 comments
Maarten Kling

4D, Plone, 2011 and beyond

A new year, new people, a great Plone version and the first Plone 4 sites popping up.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 20-01-2011 | 0 comments
Martijn Jacobs

Plone Conference 2010 Day 1 : A summary

The Plone Conference this year is being held in Bristol, UK. A short summary of the talks of the first day I've went to.

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 28-10-2010 | 3 comments
Rob Gietema

Living Statues Sprint 2010: The Results

The Living Statues Sprint 2010 is over during which a lot of progress has been made.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 03-09-2010 | 7 comments
Maarten Kling

Iterate, Sharing, Permissions and Workflows

Sharing is caring! In this use-case I will describe all actions done to get my workflow working.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 13-08-2010 | 0 comments
Ralph Jacobs

Living Statues Sprint logo announced

We are proud to announce the Living Statues Sprint has it's logo now!

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 05-08-2010 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

May: Evaluation Time again

For the third time in a row we evaluated Four Digits as a company including all employees of Four Digits. This time in a big villa in Faro, Portugal.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 28-05-2010 | 0 comments
Rob Gietema

Living Statues Sprint 2010

Four Digits is proud to announce the Living Statues Sprint 2010, August 25 to 29 at the Four Digits Office in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 14-05-2010 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

New maintainer for MacPorts python24

Roel Bruggink has stepped up as the maintainer for MacPort's python24 port.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 05-05-2010 | 2 comments
Rob Gietema

Donating 10% of our time!

As of now every Four Digits employee should devote 10% of his or her time to improve Plone!

Door Rob Gietema | Op 03-05-2010 | 3 comments
Martijn Jacobs

Removing a persistent local utility part II

Installing products, testing them and uninstalling them afterwards is a common thing to do in Plone.

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 23-04-2010 | 6 comments
Roel Bruggink

There's an end to everything. But not right now :)

Four Digits and Plone are here to stay.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 02-04-2010 | 2 comments
Roel Bruggink

There's an end to everything

Four Digits is moving away from Plone.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 01-04-2010 | 9 comments
Maarten Kling

Cathedral Sprint 2010: 4D has arrived!

Sprinting on Plone from 15th until the 19th of March.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 17-03-2010 | 0 comments
Maarten Kling

Listing expired Plone content

Using a catalog query to get to expired content. Easy, right?

Door Maarten Kling | Op 12-03-2010 | 1 comments
Martijn Schenk

Yeah! We're Done!

After five weeks of building, cleaning, moving, cleaning, painting, moving and cleaning we're finally done.

Door Martijn Schenk | Op 06-03-2010 | 6 comments
Maarten Kling

Trying zodbupdate

After writing my last blog post Ross Patterson pointed me to zodbupdate. Why not give it a try and see how it works?

Door Maarten Kling | Op 22-01-2010 | 2 comments
Maarten Kling

Building, Civil engineering, Moving: part II

In April 2009 we got the keys to our new Four Digits Office. Now its time to expand (again)!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 06-01-2010 | 1 comments
Maarten Kling

Changing your packagename

One day you think lets clean up my code and rename all my products to something useful.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 17-12-2009 | 5 comments
Maarten Kling

Changing Plone theme/skin on portal_type: Part II

Changing your Plone theme/skin based on the object's portal_type using a skin switcher.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 25-11-2009 | 0 comments
Martijn Jacobs

How to break your Plone site with implementedBy

Sometimes, when you start your plone instance, just like any other day, you get an error message which make you think what on earth is going on here?

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 24-11-2009 | 3 comments
Ralph Jacobs

ISO 9001 certification using Plone

In September this year we got ISO 9001:2008 certified by Det Norske Veritas using Plone.

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 19-11-2009 | 0 comments
Rob Gietema

Drag and Drop Image Uploading using Deco

In the new beta versions of Firefox 3.6 drag and drop support for uploading files is added, see what Deco can do with this functionality.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 11-11-2009 | 12 comments
Martijn Jacobs

TinyMCE and Deco at the Plone Conference 2009

This year the Plone Conference 2009 is in Budapest. Rob Gietema hosted two talks: TinyMCE, the new editor for Plone and Deco, the new layout system.

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 28-10-2009 | 0 comments
Martijn Schenk

Dutch Plone Usersday 2009

At wednesday the 16th of September the Dutch Plone Usersday took place at Villa Sonsbeek in Arnhem.

Door Martijn Schenk | Op 17-09-2009 | 0 comments
Ralph Jacobs

Classifieds 1.5b

A new (crossover) version of Classifieds is released and available on and PyPi.

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 21-08-2009 | 1 comments
Rob Gietema

Collections and Contentlistings

A sprint at Jarn (Norway) to complete the remaining PLIP's related to collections, contentlistings and search.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 19-08-2009 | 3 comments
Rob Gietema

TinyMCE 1.1rc3 up for testing

A new release candidate of TinyMCE is released and available for testing, so start your testing engines…

Door Rob Gietema | Op 18-08-2009 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

Adding Zope 2 permissions using ZCML and GS

How to add Zope 2 permissions without a Zope 2 package ( and just use ZCML and Generic Setup.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 16-08-2009 | 0 comments
Roel Bruggink

Changing Plone theme/skin based on portal_type

Changing your Plone theme/skin based on the object's portal_type using a skin switcher.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 04-08-2009 | 1 comments
Roel Bruggink

Removing a persistent local utility

Removing a utility without getting attribute errors.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 29-07-2009 | 4 comments
Martijn Jacobs

Computers on Red Soil

A friend of mine, Daan Veldhuizen, is a volunteer at the Joint Operation Youth project in Sierra Leone.

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 27-07-2009 | 1 comments
Martijn Jacobs

A EuroPython impression, part III

A EuroPython impression, taking place at the Birmingham conservatory, part III

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 02-07-2009 | 3 comments
Martijn Jacobs

A EuroPython impression, part II

A EuroPython impression, taking place at the Birmingham conservatory, part II

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 01-07-2009 | 0 comments
Martijn Jacobs

A EuroPython impression, part I

Four Digits is getting more and more involved into the Plone community, but what about the Python community? To find out, we decided to go to the EuroPython conference this year at the Birmingham conservatory.

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 30-06-2009 | 0 comments
Rob Gietema

Deco on the European Plone Symposium in Sorrento

The European Plone Symposium 2009 is almost over. Deco, the new page layout and rendering paradigm for Plone, has been given a lot of attention.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 17-05-2009 | 1 comments
Roel Bruggink

collective.anonymousview released

collective.anonymousview allows authenticated users to view a page as if they are not logged in.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 15-05-2009 | 0 comments
Laurens Kling

Researching Plone UI: Done!

After three months of researching, interviewing, typing, concluding and checking, I can finally release my research report on the current Plone UI.

Door Laurens Kling | Op 13-05-2009 | 4 comments
Maarten Kling

Building, Construction, Civil engineering, Moving

Four Digits for all your construction and building plans…

Door Maarten Kling | Op 27-04-2009 | 3 comments
Laurens Kling

Summary of interview results

To research how end users feel about Plone, I have interviewed a couple of webmasters about their experience with Plone. Here is a summary of the results from these interviews. A full report will follow soon.

Door Laurens Kling | Op 09-04-2009 | 8 comments
Roel Bruggink

Dutch Plone translation sprint: the results

Plone is once again 100% Dutch.

Door Roel Bruggink | Op 06-04-2009 | 1 comments
Laurens Kling

Focus group research

The next couple of months I will be researching Plone and will try to find weak points in the UI that can be improved in Plone 4.

Door Laurens Kling | Op 06-03-2009 | 2 comments
Ralph Jacobs


A blog post about Classifieds, my first open source Plone add-on. With the product you can add categories and classifieds to your Plone site.

Door Ralph Jacobs | Op 26-02-2009 | 8 comments
Maarten Kling

1 Hour Plone Site and TinyMCE

Here is all the code from my presentation "How to build a Plone site in 1 hour!" It was great to attend to the conference this year!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 14-10-2008 | 2 comments
Maarten Kling

Using SQLPASPlugin for mysql user authenticating

Using a existing mysql db including over 3000 usernames and passwords to login into Plone and using a table view for there properties.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 10-09-2008 | 9 comments
Maarten Kling

Speaking at the Plone Conference 2008

From PSD to a complete Plone site! running a buildout, configuring buildout.cfg, using paster, making content-types (ArgoUML), creating custom portlets, viewlets, a folder view and using add-on products!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 12-08-2008 | 0 comments
Martijn Jacobs

HA cluster setup for Plone and Zope

Nowadays there are a lot of options how to setup your server configuration and a lot of choices which software to use. Virtual machines, data duplication, HA clusters, OS choice, what kind of servers. What is the best choice for a Plone and Zope hosting provider like us? After a week of investigation and testing we have found a setup which satisfies our needs.

Door Martijn Jacobs | Op 11-07-2008 | 5 comments
Rob Gietema

Why TinyMCE?

As some may have noticed we recently became maintainer of the TinyMCE product for Plone. The development of this product was put on halt after version 2.0.6 of TinyMCE by Jacob Smith (the previous maintainer) because at that time Kupu had all the features and stability to become the default Plone wysiwyg editor. Then why did we pick up the project you may ask? I'll tell you why.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 03-06-2008 | 0 comments